Recreation Support

Need support for your child or youth to participate in recreation activities? Find organizations offering one-on-one, group, or specific programming supports to maximize participation.

Recreational Respite – One-on-One Support

Programming Season: Fall 2023

Program Description:

Our one-to-one respite services are person-centred and aim to identify the barriers to participation or social health for children, youth and adults with disabilities, mental health experiences, illnesses and/or who are neurodivergent. Supports may be offered at home or in community settings. Recreational Respite will support individualized goals, such as recreation participation, physical literacy, steps towards independence, community participation, and social health.

Ages: 0 – 24 years

Program Dates: Year-round (times vary)

Location: Varies

Cost: $36.50 – 38.50 per participant

For More Information:

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Recreational Respite – Virtual Group Programs for Young Adults (16+)

Programming Season: Year-round

Program Description:

Recreational Respite offers a publicly available virtual Young Adults (16+) calendar every month! These inclusive and engaging programs include Skills for Success, Escape Rooms, Cooking Clubs, Arts and Mixed Media and more, which have been developed with the involvement of our participants and include outcomes such as:

• Steps towards independence;
• Nurturing healthy relationships;
• Embracing identity and culture;
• Exploring recreational interests;
• Emotional, social, physical and mental well-being;
• Developing work-readiness skills and career discovery;
• Preparing for transitions; and
• Peer-to-peer support

Closed Captioning is available.

Ages: 16 – 21 years

Program Dates: Year-round


Cost: Free – $25 per participant

For More Information:

Follow Rec Respite on social media @recrespite

Get One-on-One Support

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