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Because access to sport and recreation is a right, not a privilege

Calgary Adapted Hub powered by Jumpstart (CAH) is your go-to resource for inclusive and accessible sport and recreation programming in the city of Calgary. With the support of our partners, we connect you to opportunities for children, youth and their families, to gain confidence, build friendships, and get physically active in new and exciting ways. Whether you’re looking for recreational, developmental, or high performance adapted sport opportunities, you’ll find them through Calgary Adapted Hub.

Programs supported by Calgary Adapted Hub are backed by industry leaders and evidence-based research, with quality coaching and instruction at every level.


Who Calgary Adapted Hub Supports

We’re committed to helping more Calgarians experience the power of sport and recreation. Programs supported by Calgary Adapted Hub are designed for children, youth, and families living with disabilities including physical, intellectual, sensory, developmental, or otherwise.

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How to Use Calgary Adapted Hub

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Families and Youth

Get in the game by taking a look at current inclusive and accessible sport and recreation programs in the city of Calgary.

Not sure which sport suits you? Our experienced team of staff and volunteers can help you find the right program for you.

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Sports Organizations

Bring Your A-Game (Your Adapted Game)

Gain the skills, resources, and confidence to be a more inclusive and accessible sport and recreation provider. Enhance the delivery and development of your sport programming with leading-edge research on inclusion and disability servicing.

Get connected to specialized equipment, find training opportunities, book accessible facilities, or promote your adapted sport programs.