Hear From Program Participants

“Having the opportunity to be able to participate in the WinSport Adapted Multi-Sport Program was such an eye opening opportunity and life changing experience not only for our son, but our whole family.

My son has medical needs (airway) that requires a caregiver with him at all times, so the fact that we as parents and his siblings were also able to participate/attend made a huge difference and opened up more options for Sawyer. We even brought a couple of his school friends one time so that for the first time he was on an equal playing field. The inclusiveness of the program was really appreciated.”

How the Process Works

Step 1: Get in Touch

Get in touch by filling out the ‘get to know you' form or contacting a member of our team by phone or email.

Step 2: Meet with Us

Meet one-on-one with our program manager to discuss your interests and abilities.

Step 3: Action Plan

We will create an action plan and put together a list of resources that meet your needs. We’ll introduce you to the right people and organizations, too!

Step 4: Follow Up

We’ll continue to follow up with you to see if you have any questions or concerns or need additional support and resources. We’ll also continue to share resources and opportunities with you as they arise.

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