Meet the Team, See the Impact

Our logo is a true representation of the partnerships and vision for creating the Calgary Adapted Hub powered by Jumpstart.

Creating a hub of information and resources to help children, youth, and families living with disabilities-and the organizations that serve them-learn and grow. The circles represent the seven partners and while no circle is complete on it’s own, there are no gaps in the whole – the hub is stronger together, overlapping yet open to each other.

Our goal is to create better pathways to participation in sport and recreation for children, youth and families living with disabilities that are physical, intellectual, sensory, developmental, or otherwise. People are at the core and the partnerships forged within are part of the connection.

We’d like to thank the talented and creative geniuses at Switchback Creative for the thoughtful development of our visual identity.

Kids in wheel chairs playing fencing.

Building healthy and inclusive communities through sport and recreation.

We empower individuals with varying abilities to get active by creating better pathways in sport and recreation programming in the city of Calgary.

Our Staff

Karen Dommett, Director -

Karen is a sport industry professional with a background in sport event management and athlete experience development. Prior to joining Calgary Adapted Hub powered by Jumpstart, Karen worked as the Manager of Athlete Services with the 2019 Canada Winter Games where she oversaw the planning and logistics of all things related to participant experience. Through this integrated event hosting experience, Karen learned quickly about the importance of representation and advocacy for athletes with a disability and was inspired to make this a focal point of her career to use sport and recreation programming as a platform for social change. When not behind her computer connecting with families and sport leaders, Karen can be found enjoying the outdoors with her husband and their two kids.

Leticia Janzen, Knowledge Translation and Research Coordinator -

Leticia Janzen is a Knowledge Translation and Research Coordinator for the Calgary Adapted Hub (CAH) and the Vi Riddell Pediatric Rehabilitation Research Program. She completed her Bachelors of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary followed by a Masters of Science at the University of Calgary with the Vi Riddell Pediatric Rehabilitation Research Program. Leticia began working as a Research Assistant in 2013 with her work focusing on the evaluation of physical contact and body checking in youth ice hockey. Her MSc thesis work was focused on a comparison of physical activity, strength, balance, and body composition in youth with cerebral palsy and their typically developing peers. Working with the CAH gives Leticia the opportunity to support the continued development of sport and recreation opportunities for everyone. Outside of her work with the team, Leticia enjoys playing soccer and hockey, camping, gardening, and coaching para-ice hockey and challenger baseball.

Measuring Our Impact

Calgary Adapted Hub aspires to create a Calgary where every child, youth, and family can belong through inclusive and accessible sport and recreation programs. We take a holistic approach that focuses on three impact pillars.

A girl in a gymnasium using the uneven bars

Overall Health and Wellbeing

We believe active living is essential to quality of life. By creating better pathways in sport and recreation programming, we make it easier for all children and youth of all abilities to stay active, healthy, and connected.

3% of those with disabilities participate in organized sport compared to 36% of able-bodied individuals, while 24% of young people with disabilities never take part in unstructured activities, compared to just 2% of their able-bodied peers.

Citation: Government of Canada (2012). Level the playing field: a natural progression from playground to podium for Canadians with disabilities. Ottawa ON: Senate.

A child in a wheelchair.

Social Inclusion

We believe diversity is our greatest asset. Together with our partners, we create opportunities for children and youth living with disabilities to engage in meaningful participation in an environment that fosters a sense of belonging and autonomy.

Studies show participation in physical activity can potentially lead to more effective socializing and feelings of inclusion with other students, as it provides an opportunity for disposal of excess energy and therefore increased task attention.

*Cleary et al., 2017; Taub & Greer, 2000

Economic Impact & Quality of Life

We believe all children and youth deserve the opportunity to thrive. Thanks to our supporters, we provide equitable access to sport and recreation opportunities by supplementing the cost of specialized equipment, access to facilities, participation fees, and transportation.

Better information on the nature and needs of children and youth with disabilities is essential for policy-makers at all levels of government to predict and plan for improved provision of efficient, equitable, and inclusive services and supports.

Dunn, S., & Zwicker, J. (2017, November 26). Stephanie Dunn and Jennifer Zwicker: Time to update data on Canadian children with disabilities. the province.