Strength & Conditioning

Looking for ways to be active outside of a traditional sport or recreation activity? Here you will find information on accessible features and equipment available to the community at Calgary Adapted Hub partner facilities and programs designed to support your fitness goals.

UCalgary Fitness Centre: Beast Mode Fitness

This program is currently closed for registration. Check back soon for updated information.

Beast Mode Fitness is a semi-private personal training program for young adults (minimum age is 17) with Autism Spectrum Disorder who want to learn proper gym etiquette, become more physically active, and build self-confidence through exercise. It’s a twelve-week program led by a highly qualified personal trainer, offered in a private studio on the U of C campus. Participants will learn proper exercise technique, build strength, endurance, balance, mobility, and coordination. Your exercise program is tailored specifically to your individual needs and goals. It’s required that participants have the ability to exercise independently and can follow instructions.

Vivo Facility

Vivo is currently undergoing a major facility expansion which includes a number of accessibility features.

Mount Royal University: Fitness Centre & Functional Electrical Stimulation bike

The Mount Royal University Fitness Centre is a wheelchair accessible facility with many pieces of adapted strength equipment.

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is a modality which uses surface-applied electrical current to initiate a muscle contraction. FES is a prescribed modality and requires a doctor’s referral. Mount Royal University offers memberships for individuals who would like to use our FES Bike. This membership requires an initial assessment to determine the suitability and safe stimulation levels for interested participants. The initial assessment determines suitability based on: a medical questionnaire, range of motion tests, and sensitivity and response to stimulation. FES equipment allows for progressive programs similar to traditional exercise, the frequency, intensity, type and time are all variables that can be modified to ensure the program meets the demands of the participant.

For more information on the FES bike program and other accessibility features of the Mount Royal University fitness centre, please visit us at the link below.

*individuals under the age of 15 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Repsol: Fitness Centre / Aquatic Centre / Equipment & Amenities

Repsol Sport Centre can accommodate the needs of all Calgarians, regardless of physical ability. Wheelchair access, pool lifts, water wheelchairs and other adaptive equipment is why Repsol Sport Centre has won accessibility awards from both the Canadian Paraplegic Association (Alberta) and The City of Calgary. For a full list of adapted equipment and accessible facility features, please visit:

Repsol Sport Centre is a great fully inclusive option for families:

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