Sport Specific Clubs & Programs

Browse sport specific programs ranging from grassroots to high performance options from Calgary Adapted Hub partners. Here you will find sport specific programs and clubs including adaptive gymnastics, wall climbing, track and field, fencing, and more!

University of Calgary: Custom Adapted Climbing (indoor)

This program is currently not accepting registrations – check back for future offerings

 We can create custom adapted climbing programs for youth and adults with mental or physical considerations. These individualized programs focus on developing physical literacy, confidence, and a sense of success through climbing and bouldering. For more information, email

Vivo: Skating Lessons

Visit for full details

Skating lessons at Vivo are offered for people of all ages, abilities and comfort levels. All skating lessons at Vivo are designed to help all individuals learn how to skate and improve their skating skills. Participants learn to be comfortable on the ice by playing games and developing primary balance and coordination skills while progressing with each level. All lessons are available in a group or private setting. All levels may be repeated to make sure skaters are confident and comfortable with all of the skills – leading to a lifelong love of activity!

Mount Royal University: Climbing

We are able to provide personalized instructional and experiential climbing opportunities for people of all ages and abilities, whether you are looking to learn new climbing skills or try out a new activity! Our team has access to a variety of adaptive climbing equipment for persons experiencing physical disabilities as well. Our Climbing Centre can be privately booked to best suit your individual needs. For more information or to schedule an event, contact us at!

University of Calgary: Kids Adapted Climbing Series

This program is currently not accepting registrations – check back for future offerings

The KACS program is for youth with additional mental or physical considerations, and will focus on developing physical literacy, confidence, and a sense of success through climbing and bouldering.  In this program, trained volunteers will be paired up with each child to provide 1:1 support (including belaying, spotting, encouragement, and completing safety checks). Our climbing instructors ensure a safe and positive environment, and will progressively teach climbing and movement skills.

University of Calgary: Adaptive Gymnastics

Please check the University of Calgary Active Living website for the most up to date information on program registration and restrictions.

Kindergym (Ages 4 – 12)

This exciting 45-minute program is designed to introduce children with a disability to the sport of artistic gymnastics. Our preschool programs are designed to lay a strong foundation in basic gymnastics which is beneficial for any future sports children may participate in. If you are interested in programming for grade 1+ please contact the Gymnastics Centre at 403-220-7010

Repsol Sport Centre – Sport Partners

Repsol Sport Centre is home to 35 Clubs that train and compete within the facility. These Clubs, or Sport Partners, represent 11 Umbrella Organizations including Artistic Swimming, Athletics, Basketball, Diving, Fencing, Field Hockey, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball and Water Polo. As Partners, Repsol Sport Centre plays a vital role in the success of each Club, and, in turn, the Clubs play a role in the overall success of the Centre. Barriers to entry in sport are varied and often lead to exclusion. For those with disabilities, these challenges are often magnified.

Repsol Sport Centre’s Sport Partner Criteria has been created in alignment with our Dual Mandate, Mission, Vision and Values. The Sport Partner criteria was created for the purpose of supporting clubs that share the same passion for training and competition along Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model. The criteria is based on a rewards system that values the investment that all partners make in the development of their athletes.

The following Sport Partners offer adapted specific programming (please refer to club website for full program details):

Nose Creek Swim Association: Features a para-swimming program where swimmers with a physical disability are accepted, classified, and integrated into NCSA’s program.

Calgary Track and Field Club (CALTAF): Features a para-athletics division within. The Power Speed/Distance/Throws/Jumps para-athletics group strives to bring out the best in every athlete.

Ares Pentathlon & Fencing Club: Youth Adapted Fencing and Adult Wheelchair Fencing (ages 15+)

The following Sport Partners take an inclusive approach to programming and look forward to meeting your family to discuss if their program may be the right fit for you (please refer to club website for full program details):

Cascade Swim Club
Kronos Triathlon Club
Priori Epee Fencing Club
Chinook Rhythmique Gymnastics Club 
Dive Calgary
Rocky Mountain Diving

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