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Rewatch: Research & Community Engagement Seminar Series

The Research & Community Engagement Seminar Series is on a summer break in July and August, but you can re-watch all previous seminars any time on our YouTube channel. The seminar series aims to bring current research to families and the sport and recreation programming community in an easy-to-digest community based approach.


Episode 1: Dr. Cheri Blauwet

From the Paralympics to Public Health: The Impact of Sport and Physical Activity for People with Disabilities

February 25, 2021


Episode 2: Dr. Nancy Quinn

Too Many Chairs: Spatiality and Disability in Sporting Spaces

March 24, 2021


Episode 3: Eli Wolff

Separate is Not Equal

April 15, 2021


Episode 4: Dr. Kathleen Martin Ginis

Evidence-Based Strategies for Designing Effective Physical Activity-Enhancing Interventions for People with Disabilities

May 27, 2021


Episode 5: Dr. Kelly Arbour-Nicitoplous

Quality Play in Children and Youth with Disabilities – A Right or a Privilege?

June 24, 2021