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Research & Community Engagement Seminar, Episode 8 featuring Catherine Tremblay & Jessica Youngblood

On November 25, 2021 Catherine Tremblay and Jessica Youngblood of the University of Calgary joined the Calgary Adapted Hub powered by Jumpstart Research & Community Engagement Seminar Series presenting their talks ‘Can an Adapted Sport and Recreation Camp Impact Physical Activity in Youth with Physical Disabilities?’ and ‘Family Member Perspectives Regarding Family Relationships Following Participation in an Adapted Physical Activity Camp’, respectively.

About the Speakers:

Catherine Tremblay is a graduate student at the University of Calgary completing her master’s degree with the Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre (SIPRC) in the Faculty of Kinesiology. The focus of her research is to better understand effective strategies for improving physical activity levels in children living with physical disabilities. In alignment with adapted sports, Catherine has volunteered in a variety of youth sport settings: from coaching girls’ basketball, pioneering a dryland physical literacy program for youth with disabilities to teaching swimming lessons, life guarding and working with medically fragile children. Being active has always been a priority for her and she aims to increase opportunities to be active for all youth with physical disabilities.

Jessica Youngblood is a PhD student at the University of Calgary in the Pediatric Onset of Neuromotor Impairments (PONI) Lab. Jessica’s master’s thesis focused on family experiences regarding how adapted physical activity for children and adolescents living with a disability impacted their family relationships. Jessica has worked with individuals living with a disability in a variety of recreation contexts. Through this work Jessica was able to see how adapted physical activity impacted not only the child living with a disability but also their family members, which led to her being interested in researching this impact.