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March Research & Community Engagement Seminar

This Calgary Adapted Hub powered by Jumpstart Research & Community Engagement Seminar will feature Mount Royal University’s Kirsten Kirwer

Seminar Title: ‘Us’ not ‘Them’: A Disruption of Ableist Adapted Physical Activity Understanding

Date & Time: Thursday, March 24, 2022 / 4-5 p.m. MST

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About the Speaker:

Kirsten is dedicated to creating spaces of flourishing through vulnerability and reflexivity within sport and recreation in order to create affirming and meaningful environments to move in. Kirsten comes to this work as a passionately reflexive practitioner and researcher within inclusive/para-sport as well as non-disabled sport and recreation. Their professional background involves working with many local and provincial organizations to develop sport, recreation, and leisure experiences for those across various intersections. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Physical Education, majoring in physical literacy, they furthered their education and have recently completed their Master of Kinesiology degree at the University of Alberta. There Kirsten completed an autoethnographic study surrounding their experiences as a non-disabled adapted physical activity practitioner and the role Kirsten played in perpetuating ableist harm. Kirsten’s research highlights the importance of confronting and disrupting ableist understandings and practices in order to mitigate micro and macroaggressions and create spaces to thrive in. Kirsten currently works as the Recreational Sports Supervisor at Mount Royal University, and as an anti-ableist physical activity respite worker.